There are many pests throughout the United States and Portland is not an exception. From between ants, spiders and rodents there are many reasons to have a great pest control company keeping your home pest free. In this blog we’ll go over the most common pests in our area and how to avoid them.


There are two basic types of ants local to Portland and the surrounding area, carpenter ants and small black ants, here’s the difference. Small black ants love crumbs, and they love our homes. Though they typically nest outside, these small black ants are the ones leaving an assembly line from your cereal shelf to their home. Carpenter ants on the other hand thrive on broken down material and are essential to the ecosystem, breaking down vegetation on the forest floor. These ants are less likely to be found in your kitchen, but can cause expensive damage if they get into the structure of your home. The best way to avoid both these ants is to keep a clean home and avoid having crumbs and food from the family BBQ left outside and sweep/vacuum regularly. However these ants are persistent. The best defense is a professional ant repellent around the perimeter of the home and in and around common areas they are seen, such as the kitchen, including cabinets, under the sink, and pantry/closet spaces.


Spiders play an important role in their forests ecosystem, but they have no place in the home. Dark & quiet crawlspaces are the typical breeding ground of these uninvited guests. Thankfully the majority of spiders in our area are not extremely poisonous but they can leave a painful and nasty bite, which when not treated with the appropriate level of care can lead to serious complications. 

Rats & Mice

Rats and Mice are not easy to get rid of. Though the mouse trap has been tried and rigorously tested over generation, it is a one by one approach. Often one rodent seen means there are many more that are unseen in crawl spaces or camping near your home. If you’re having issues with rodents of any kind give us a call and we’ll create a plan to protect your home from further invasion.

Here at Sasquach Pest Control we tailor our service to you and your home. We understand that your satisfaction and your safety are what keeps us in business! Please reach out to us if you have any concerns with these pests and we would be honored to have your trust in protecting your home and family from our local pests!