Our beds should be the one place we can feel safe and relaxed, but if you have a bed bug infestation, you feel anything but. Bed bugs can change the place for sweet dreams into a place of nightmares. To put it mildly, it can be unsettling to be a feast for a disgusting pest in your own bed! Bed bugs are easy to pick up almost anywhere and can be carried into your home undetected. These little monsters date back 3,550 years, fossilized in Egyptian tombs!
     Bed bugs are very small, usually brown in color and are a flattened oval shape. They tend to live in creases and crevices in soft surfaces, especially bedding. Bed bugs can also hide in wall cracks or in furniture. They are nocturnal little vampires and feed on blood at night. Their bites can not only cause allergic reactions or skin rashes, but can continue to feed covering large areas of the body causing prominent blisters. A single bed bug can consume 7 times its body weight in blood every single night. Itchiness is almost always an indication of bed bug bites. Some victims might even develop a fever or feel tired. Other than the irritation from the bites, blood stains on your sheets are a clear indication you are not alone in your bed.

    Eliminating bed bugs from your Beaverton or Portland area home is often extremely hard to do. These biting nuisances can survive for up to 70 days without feeding and could require many rounds of treatment to finally be free of them. All bedding, clothing and soft items will need to be washed in hot temperature water, repeatedly, frequent vacuuming, and other disruptive treatments maybe required. The intervention of a trained pest control specialist is highly recommended for success. The professionals at Sasquatch Pest Control can help with routine pest maintenance in your home to help avoid an infestation, and can help you exterminate these psychological torments, if you already have a problem. 503.828.1814