At one time or the other, as Portland, OR area home owners, we have all been faced with some kind of infestation on our property or in our home. Whether it is wasps, roaches, bedbugs, termites or ants, we all know the overwhelming despair a pest infestation can have on us, and our family. Resolving this problem causes an extreme sense of urgency and anxiety to even the toughest of people. This, and cost, are just a couple reasons we may try to resolve the infestation with DIY methods.
    Some DIY remedies could include, borax, vinegar, cayenne pepper and essential oils. These are only a few ingredients of the many home made concoctions people try for pest control. Even though you may have some of these products already in your kitchen it may not be the money saver you think. Saving money with items you already have may seem like the way to go, but that isn’t always the case. Some DIY ingredients may reduce some of the pests lurking in your home, but a lasting solution is not usually achieved. The ingredients you use may also need to be reapplied numerous times and therefor they become less cost efficient as you previously thought, not to mention time consuming and inconvenient. This is especially true if it doesn’t work and the infestation just returns. In some cases, especially with roaches and ants, the pests can actually become resistant to the ingredients, such as vinegar and boric acid. This could result in the pests becoming that much more difficult to completely remove from your home.
    Should you call a professional? Absolutely! Sometimes DIY can cause more harm than good. There are many reasons why you should enlist the help of a professional pest control company. Pros have the training to identify and rid your home of any species of pest that you are dealing with. They ensure the products used are safe and effective for your specific infestation. They will get the lasting results you need to keep your family and pets safe. Sasquatch Pest Control Professionals have the expertise you need to make sure your Portland, OR home stays pest free. Call them for affordable pest control today! 503-828-9492