Spring is right around the corner. The flowers will be blooming, the birds will be chirping and unfortunately the pest will be swarming. When the weather start to warm up insects, like plants and animals, break from their long hibernation. Pests will then actively go looking for warmer homes, food and a place to breed. Certain pests tend to be more active in March, so which ones are most common to look out for?
Around the beginning of spring, mosquitoes go into the swarming stage of their life cycle. Mosquitoes love this time of year as the additional rain provides ample breeding grounds for the next generation.
Yellow jackets, wasps, bees and other stinging insects will be out in full force searching for the new flowers spring will provide.
Ants and spiders also love increasing temperatures. They will become active in the search of food and new homes for their offspring. Your home or property will provide exactly the environment they need to thrive.
Keeping your yard free of debris, sealing cracks in your home and structures and removing standing water can help deter these pests, but they need little incentive to invade your spaces. A swarm of disgusting pests is the last thing you want to deal with when you would rather be enjoying the warming weather yourself. Your friends at Sasquatch Pest Control can do an evaluation of your home and property to eliminate a swarm already in progress or to prevent a swarm from choosing your home to invade. Call today! 503-828-9492