With summer coming to an end and temps dropping for the fall season, this is a very active time for spiders. Spiders do not like to be outside and exposed to colder temperatures. This is why they are going to be migrating to a warmer spot, like your home! Not only are they looking for a warm winter home with a food source, fall is the season for love for the spider. Spiders become more noticeable in late summer and fall when actively searching for a mate. Another reason you are noticing more spiders lately is because in the spring they are really small. The spiders you see have had months to grow and grow and GROW. They have become bigger and so much easier to notice hanging around.
    You can deter spiders from invading your space by destroying their webs in door and window frames, keeping food cleaned up and fixing water leaks. This will encourage them to go back into hiding in your walls or crawl spaces, but it will not eliminate the infestation you probably aren’t aware of. The best way to rid your home of these pests and keep them from thriving all winter in your dwelling, is with a trained pest control specialist. Sasquatch Pest Control has the skilled professionals you need to combat these critters. Call today! 503-828-9492