If you think Portland, Oregon is free from scorpions, you are unfortunately mistaken. When you live in a place with beautiful forests, as we do, you also have to deal with the pests that make the forest home, including scorpions. There are actually several species of scorpions native to the Oregon region. One of the most common, is the forest scorpion.
    Forest scorpions are shy arachnids (same family as spiders) and usually make their home under logs or rocks. Scorpions are usually tricky to find because they are nocturnal and would rather play dead or scurry away than pick a fight. This doesn’t mean that they won’t sting if stepped on or feel threatened. The sting from one of these terrifying looking pests are said to be about the equivalent of a bee sting. People that are allergic to bees or spiders can have a severe allergic reaction. If you really want to see a scorpion, use a black light. Scorpions glow bright blue or green under a black light.
    Infesting your home isn’t usually where scorpions like to be, but certain things can attract them inside anyway. Standing water or a leak in or around you home can be very inviting for scorpions. They migrate to bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and any other common water sources. They are also attracted to damp basements and crawl spaces. So it is common to find them in Beaverton, Portland or Tigard area homes. If you find scorpions in or around your home, do not approach them, call Sasquatch Pest Control immediately and let our experienced professionals deal with these pests for you. 503-828-9492