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Welcome to Sasquatch Pest Control, your trusted ally in reclaiming your home from a variety of pests with our comprehensive pest control services. Let us guide you through the process of making your living space critter-free through our professional and effective approach.

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Getting Started – Initial Pest Control Service:

Is your home feeling a bit too cozy with unwanted guests? Our initial pest control service is your key to a pest-free living environment. We meticulously treat baseboards, problem areas, and potential entry points within your home, leaving no nook unchecked. Even your garage gets a thorough inspection, bidding farewell to spiders and mice alike.

Outside, we establish a robust 6-foot pest control barrier around your property, addressing door frames, windows, and any visible yard issues. Eave sweeping is included, keeping spider webs and wasp nests in check. While our treatments may initially stir up some activity, rest assured that those critters will soon be making their exit.

Enjoy A pest Free home

Comprehensive Pest Control:

At Sasquatch Pest Control, we’re equipped to handle a wide range of pests, including ants, beetles, spiders, black widows, crickets, millipedes, scorpions, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, mice, and more. Plus, we offer specialized treatments for roaches and bed bugs, ensuring no pest stands a chance.

Inside/Garage Treatment:

While our regular outside treatments are highly effective, we’re more than happy to provide inside and garage treatments at no additional cost. Just give us a heads up, and we’ll schedule a convenient appointment. Have a specific pest concern? Let us know, and we’ll tailor our treatment accordingly.

Year-Round Protection:

Our services aren’t bound by seasons – pests don’t take breaks, and neither do we. Whether it’s winter, summer, fall, or spring, our year-round treatments keep those bugs at bay. Wondering if we work in winter? Absolutely. While bugs may be seeking shelter indoors, we’re on the case to ensure your home remains pest-free come spring.

Safe & Effective Solutions:

We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why Sasquatch Pest Control offers flexible scheduling options – whether it’s a text, email, or phone call reminder, we’ve got you covered. 

Your family’s safety is paramount to us. All our products are EPA-regulated and safe for children, pets, and the environment. If you have birds or fish, we’ll take extra precautions to ensure their well-being. Our technicians are trained to apply products strategically, targeting pests while minimizing exposure.

We believe in keeping things simple. After our initial visit, many of our customers find that our outside barrier alone keeps their homes pest-free. We only administer inside treatments when necessary, reducing unnecessary contact with pest control products.

Ready to bid farewell to those unwanted roommates? Contact Sasquatch Pest Control today to start your journey to a pest-free home.

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