Do hobo spiders live here in Portland? They sure do! Hobo spiders got their name from the assumed method in which they have spread. It is presumed they hitched rides with humans along major pathways and this is how they have migrated here from Europe in the 1930’s. Hobo spiders are identified by medium to dark brown coloring, midline stripes and light brown legs with no stripes. Their webs are built in a funnel shape open at both ends with an escape tunnel into a crack or protected area.
    It is a common debate as to the severity of the hobo bite. Some say the bite only causes mild pain and redness as others argue the reaction is more intense and can leave necrotic lesions. Make no mistake though, a hobo will bite in defense and a bite from these critters will be unpleasant no matter who you believe. People react differently to different things, so if you are bit by a hobo spider seeking medical attention would be a good idea. Male hobos are usually responsible for more bites than females. The males like to wander from late June into October, with peak activity being around August. They are more likely to enter your home or sheds at this time in search of a mate, and this is when they come into contact with humans. They are not very good climbers so they like ground levels or basements of structures to allow access to invade. If you have a dark, moist area with a crack or any small entry point, you could be inviting a hobo to visit you.
    If you do see these webs, or come into contact with a spider you think may be a hobo, you will want a pest control specialist to intervene as quickly as possible. Call Sasquatch Pest Control and let us keep your home safe. 503.828.9492