Do we have millipedes in the Portland area? Indeed we do! Millipedes are cylindrical or possibly even slightly flattened invertebrates. The are dark, hard shelled and have many legs. Millipede bodies are split into many segments, each has two sets of legs attached to the underside of the body. A common misconception about these pests is that they are insects, this is false. They are actually considered to be animals, more closely related to crayfish, lobsters and shrimp. There are over 7,000 species of millipedes in the world, 1,400 calling the U.S. (including Oregon) home. They can range in length from under an inch to 5 inches.
    Millipedes usually like to stay outdoors in the dirt, or other moist areas. They enjoy feeding on plant and other organic rotting matter. These pests lay their eggs in the soil each spring and when they hatch, they have only a few pairs of legs. Every time they molt they acquire new segments and legs until they are adults. The will also consume their exoskeletons to regain valuable nutrients. Wet outdoor conditions cannot be controlled, and wet conditions around your home’s foundation and entrances can entice millipedes to invade your home. They will migrate to cool, damp areas such as basements, under sinks, crawl spaces and garages.
    Unlike their cousin, the centipede, millipedes cannot bite or sting. However they do release a harmful, toxic substance all over their bodies, especially if they are handled, touched or feel threatened. The toxin keeps away most predators and can be fatal to small animals. Some larger species can actually spray these toxins as far as 32 inches. That is almost 3 feet! Exposure to these toxins are not fatal in humans, but can cause mild to severe allergic reactions, intense burning or itching, blisters and even permanent brown skin stains. If the secretions make contact with the eyes, this can cause irreversible blindness. If you see millipedes in your home or on your property don’t delay, call Sasquatch Pest Control immediately. Millipede infestations can be difficult to deal with, and you will need a skilled professional. Call today! 503-828-9492