Do not let the name fool you, Norway rats are very at home in Oregon and are one of the species of rodents that thrive here. Norway rats aren’t even from Norway, they got the name when they flooded into England from Norway, but are thought to be originally from Russia.
Norway rats are the larger and more aggressive cousin to the black rat or roof rat. Norway rats, tip to tail can reach up to 19 inches long and are heavier built than regular rats. Although these rats prefer fresh meals they will eat just about anything making it very easy to attract them to your Portland area home. They are also burrowing rats which means they can live underground and eventually make their way into basements and cellars with ease.  Once inside they can cause enormous damage to your home. They will gnaw on structures, appliance cords (which can cause fires), furniture and anything else they want. They will also infest your food storage and kitchen areas to try to satisfy their massive appetites.
Since Norway rats run through dumpsters, sewers and underground they are filthy pests. They carry serious diseases such as rat-bite fever, jaundice and salmonella to name just a few, and will infect any place they invade. They will also bite if they feel threatened or cornered. Once you have Norway rats in your home they are very difficult to get rid of. They are very intelligent and will not give up a comfortable breeding space or food source without issue. If you see these disgusting rodents, or hear them scurrying or scratching behind walls or in your home or basement call Sasquatch Pest Control immediately. We know how to outsmart these critters to make your home safe again. Call today! 503-828-9492