If you have a garden in the Portland area, you know that it is that time of year to harvest the spoils of all your hard work. Unfortunately, your garden is as appetizing to pests as it is to you. With all the time, money and love you have poured into your garden, it would be a shame to have creepy crawlies reap the benefits of your labor. There are many pests and rodents that you should be aware of lurking in your plants. What should you look for?
    Lace bugs look lightweight but they can cause extensive damage to your plants. They are about 1/8 of an inch long with clear wings with black spots in a lacey design. If your plants are looking a little pale, you probably already have a colony in your garden. They suck the green color of life from the leaves and leave yellow, and eventually white spots of plant death.
    Yellowjackets also love to feast on the plants in your garden. Learning the difference between bees and yellowjackets is extremely important. Bees will help with pollination and should be protected. Bees are fuzzy, chubby looking, while yellowjackets have 3 distinct body sections. Yellowjacket become extremely active and aggressive in the fall months. If you encounter a nest you will want to leave it alone and call the experts at Sasquatch Pest Control Immediately.
    Mice and rats also love the abondance of food they find in your gardens and compost heaps. Any indication of these rodents can suggest a larger nest nearby. Whatever disruptive rodents or pests you find yourself dealing with this time of year, you are fortunate to have the professionals at Sasquatch Pest Control near by to help. They even include rodent treatment at no additional cost to your initial treatment. Save your harvest and call today! 503-828-9492