Wood boring beetles are common here in the Portland area. They can cause costly structural damage to the wood beams in your home or to your furniture. Anywhere you have wood, you could have beetles who want to destroy it living out their life cycles. Their eggs are usually laid in surface cracks or crevices and even in the exit tunnels created by adult beetles leaving you infested wood. The larvae are always found within the wood. The larval tunnels primarily run in the wood grain and increase diameter with each larval molt. Pupation occurs near the surface and the adult bores directly to the surface and out into your home to find a place to lay it’s eggs and start the process over.  
    The larval stage of wood boring beetles is the most destructive phase of the life cycle and these pests can reproduce frequently and in increasing numbers. This infestation can become very costly to the extent of needing structural beams or entire pieces of furniture totally replaced. If you find evidence of these damaging pests, determining the species of beetle will be vital to getting it exterminated from your home. Let our profession pest control specialists give you the help you need. We have even extended our 50% off your initial treatment deal. Call Sasquatch Pest Control today. 503-828-9492