Silverfish get their name by how they move, wriggling like a fish would while swimming. Silverfish do not have wings but can move rather quickly. They usually have brown bodies that are covered with silvery, metallic looking scales which give them a fish-like shimmering look. They can grow to be about 3/4 of an inch in length with antennae that reach as long as their bodies.
    Silverfish, although not very dangerous to people or pets, can cause extensive damage in your Oregon home. While outside they live in dark, quiet, damp areas such as under rocks, mulch or dead fallen trees. When the weather becomes too dry or hot for them, they seek shelter, humidity and water inside homes. They are very happy living in basements, crawl spaces, under sinks and high moisture, laundry room type areas. When in your home they also like to hide and feed in your pantry. Pet food, cereal, dried pasta and other goods are perfect food sources for them to thrive. They will also feast on your non food items, photos, books and furniture are not safe from the appetite of these nuisances.
    These pests are very hard to rid your home of once they move in. Using weather stripping and keeping water build-up cleaned up will help. Properly vent your crawl spaces and other humid areas of the home, but if you notice you already have silverfish, you will want professional intervention to make sure they all get eliminated. The expert exterminators at Sasquatch Pest Control can evaluate the level of the infestation you have and eliminate all these pests wherever they are hiding. Don’t wait for more costly damage to occur. Call today! 503.828.1814