Yellowjackets and paper wasps are 2 very common types of wasps that have made a home in our beautiful Portland area. Yellowjackets and paper wasps are both dangerous to people, especially children and pets. They look similar, so here are some characteristics and identifiers of both of these black and yellow stinging pests.
    Paper wasps – In appearance paper wasps are more slender with segmented bodies with a thin waist. Paper wasps have orange-tipped antennae. When paper wasps fly they dangle their long legs under them. The nests they make have an open honeycomb appearance to them, and are often located on man made type structures. Look for the nests on eaves or inside sheds. These wasps are attracted to damaged fruits or nectar from flowers for a food source. They are not very fuzzy so they do some pollinating but not much. Paper wasps are also not overly aggressive. They usually only show aggression in defense of the nest, this makes them dangerous to children that stumble on a nest by accident.
    Yellowjackets – These wasps tend to have shorter and thicker bodies than paper wasps. They also have black antennae. While in flight yellowjackets tuck their legs under them close to the body. Their nests usually are enclosed and have only one opening. Some yellowjackets make nests in an open cavity in a wall, but they will also make underground nests. This makes them harder to spot and get found accidentally by people or pets. These flying jerks are extremely aggressive and will attack in defense of the nest but will also attack unprovoked and swarm a victim. Yellowjackets are likely the wasps invading your bbq or picnic. They are attracted to protein sources such as the burgers on your grill. They also want your sodas or juice. Yellowjackets do not visit flowers to pollinate but to attack other insects.
    No matter which of these stinging pests you see around your home, do not get close. Call the professionals at Sasquatch Pest Control and keep your family and pets safe from the harm these wasps will definitely bring. 503.828.1814