Looking for pest control in the Portland area?  Do you need ant control. Harvester and Thatching Ants are often mistaken for the fire ants that are found in the southern states. Although they are different than fire ants, don’t make the mistake of thinking they are harmless. Harvester and Thatching Ants can inflict a powerful sting like nothing you have ever felt before. These ants are poisonous with powerful stingers. The sting can be very serious and could even require medical attention. They are very aggressive in defense of the colony and will attack an intruder.

These ants are red in color and are the two most common mound building ants in Oregon. They will usually stay hidden away, but if you see a mound in the wild it’s best to just leave them alone and get some distance. They are foragers and collect food, seeds and dead insects to store in their nest to feed the colony.

If you do find a mound in your yard, behind your shed or around children’s toys, you will need to seek professional pest control services. These dangerous ants lurking around can be very dangerous especially to children and pets. Keep your family and property safe by calling Sasquatch Pest Control today! 503.828.1814