Are you hearing strange scratching noises in your basement or attic? Your house is probably not haunted, but it could be infested, with mice! Winter does not magically get rid of mice, it drives them inside. The warmth of your house and a tiny crack or opening could be all the encouragement they need to make your place their winter home. Although we sometimes think of mice as furry and adorable, they are extremally dangerous to have in your home around your family and pets. They transmit dozens of diseased directly to humans and pets that come into contact with them, their feces, saliva or urine. They also transmit diseases indirectly via mites or fleas that have fed on infected mice.
    Mice are not picky eaters. They will be happy to feed on any food you drop on the floor, pet food, and will even chew through food storage you have in your pantry. They especially love grain and cereal products. It is very difficult to keep your food safe from the sharp teeth of a hungry mouse, and if you corner one, or surprise one by mistake they will use those sharp teeth on you! Invading your food is not the only way these pests cause damage in your home. Those sharp teeth will also nibble right through clothes, books, and any other furniture or bedding they decide will make good material for their nests. They can also infest your appliances and they tend to chew through wiring in you home, this can cause a fire, and we all know that can cause death, or at very least extensive damage.
    Scratching, scurrying noises, gnaw marks, feces, urine smell and footprints (4 toes in the front, 5 in the back) are all indications you may have unwelcomed rodents in your home. You may also start to see “runways” where mice travel and rub against walls. They tend to use the same paths and can leave foot prints and droppings.
    It only takes a couple of mice getting in, to cause a full blown infestation in no time. Mice breed extremely quickly, one female can have around 35 babies a year and will give birth to around 6 every three weeks. If you have any indication you have mice in your Portland area home or in any structures on your property, you need to call the professional pest control technicians at Sasquatch Pest Control for help immediately. We offer rodent treatment with our service packages at no extra charge. 503-828-9492